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Meet The Artist

About DoodleBun

DoodleBun has been created by an italian artist named Eliseo Iannicella, born on the 24th of March 1997.His art journey started drawing back in 2016 while one day while browsing on Tumblr he saw an artist who was drawing questionable content but with an adorable character that captured my attention quite deeply.So, one day while at the beach he asked himself: "well, if he has a cute character, why shouldn't I create one for myself?" And so, he started to create from scratch his first character: Cream the dog and the rest of the cast followed shortly after except for a few characters created later on.

The name "DoodleBun" wasn't born when Eliseo started drawing but way later than that, infact, my first art name I used from 2016-2017 was MrWario38, then 2017-2019 it became MrW38 and in the beginning of 2020, it finalised into the current art name DoodleBun.Nowadays he has a growing community on Twitter, Instagram and the newly created Twitch account!

Meet the characters

Who Are They?

All these characters here have been created from the bottom of DoodleBun's heart, each individual one has got its own personality and backstory.


Cream is a fluffy puppy with a giant tail, she is the main character, she loves to make people smile and to be pet.
She owns a little ice cream shop near a beach!


Miranda the cat is a sweet cat who teaches music in an academy.
Miranda is married with Sebastian the lion, and she often does play with Flora in a duo named "Cat & Fox"!


Flora the fox is a CEO of a jewelry company she created herself from the ground up.
She loves luxury, often she sings in a luxurious lounge and often does a duo with her best friend Miranda the cat!


Cream's best friend. She is a very shy sheep, infact she talks most of the time only with her classmate: Cream.
She is a young artist as well, has got a pure heart, and fluffy hair indeed.


Sheila's mother. Tiana is the opposite to her daughter, she is bubbly, joyful and outgoing. She works at home as a seamstress, and she crafts most of Sheila's current outfits.


Cream's young cousin.
Roxy is a really sweet bubbly young nurse who wants to make her patients happy.
Just like Cream, she wags her massive tail happily and she loves to be pat on the head! One day she wishes to be a proper doctor.


Miranda's husband. Sebastian became an officer after high school as he wants to see justice to be active.
Sebastian and Miranda knew each other since elementary school and after various events, they became happily married.


Honey is an innocent short sweet bear who lives in a forest in the mountains not far from a nearby village.
She is well known for her sweetness and bubbliness, she loves to make pancakes and cookies to her friends.
She hangs out often with Cream and Sheila.


Anna is a sweet asian panda who likes to make children smile. She works in a worldwide known funfair as a balloon lady!
She finds joy in making others smile. Her past is very troubled, but she is now free and stronger than ever.
Miranda is her best friend.


Margherita is a young shy baker. She loves to go around and have long walks by herself, she tends to be romantic but very shy and close when somebody approaches her.
However she often hangs out with Sheila and Tiana.


Quickpaw is a young agile leopard who lives in a remote jungle. She has been adopted by Queen Whiteheart when she was found abandoned as a cub under the rain.
Since then, she is very loyal to her village, she is the main guard too.


Queen Whiteheart is a royal powerful and very wise puma. She has seen society before thanks to her sister Blackheart, but she prefers to stay in her village, often she loves to relax and sleep, her village is peaceful.


Queen Whiteheart's young sister. Blackheart is an adventurer, she acts like a pirate, she owns even a ship and has her own crew as well, but beware, she is very dangerous unless she gets to know you!


Eli is just a self insert.
Eli is a fluffy bunny who spends most of the time taking care of Cream and Honey.
He is short, fluffy and always twitches his nose.
People tend to come to him to ask him things because of his wisdom and peaceful nature.


Comicons & Events

DoodleBun has started back in Italy in 2017 at Genova Fiera "Smack!" event, then continued in 2019 in the UK right before the Covid pandemic started with his first event being at London Film & Comic Con.
DoodleBun started from selling just a few simple items into a growing selection of products, including his own
trading card game and more!
He currently attended many events in the United Kingdom, and DoodleBun is planning to participate in many more events in the future both in Italy and in the United States!


Where to find me

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If you do want a commission or a more specific request, even for commercial purposes, it is recommended to send an email down here below and it shall be replied in around 2-3 business days.

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